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Plasma cutters are a significant consideration if you are exploring machines that would propel your sculpting. Whether you are an expert, a hobbyist, or a DIY, there is more you can do with the plasma cutters. Identifying the best CNC plasma table for the money you budget for usually is problematic.

So, what is the best CNC plasma table for the money? The availability of several plasma cutters brings about confusion in distinguishing the best. Nevertheless, the Bailegh PT-22 CNC plasma cutting table is an affordable CNC plasma table and preference for most users. This device is pre-set upon purchasing, an outstanding feature that saves time spent on trying to figure how to set it up. Furthermore, its package has a water bath that can drain water out, ensuring ease of use.

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What Are The Best CNC Plasma Table For The Money?

Here are some of the best CNC plasma table we found:

1. Best Small CNC Plasma Table: Baileigh PT-22 CNC Plasma Cutting Table With 5" Casters, 110V
2. Best Budget CNC Plasma Table: Gas Oxyfuel Flame CNC Plasma Table
3. Best 5 x 10 CNC Plasma Table: STV Motorsports SparX510 5x10 STV CNC Plasma Table
4. Best 4x4 CNC Plasma Table: STV Motorsports SparX4400 4x4 CNC Plasma Cutting Table
5. Best 5x5 CNC Plasma Table: STV Motorsports CNC Plasma Table (SparX505-5x5)
6. Best 4x8 CNC Plasma Table: STV Motorsports SparX4800 4x8 CNC Plasma Cutting Table 

1. Best Small CNC Plasma Table: Baileigh PT-22 CNC Plasma Cutting Table With 5" Casters, 110V

Salient Feature

  • Cutting area: 1500mm x 2500mm
  • Installation Type: Plasma cutting
  • Dimensions: 29” x 31”
  • Weight: 500

This plasma cutter, branded by Baileigh is a unique machine in comparison to others. It comes with everything set, ready for use. Its alignment is already put in place, which makes it effective.

  • The device has a water bath, which is an upgrade. Furthermore, the water bath has a valve that drains out dust and smoke.
  • To operate this machine, you need a voltage of 110, which allows it to work perfectly.
  • The machine comes with a standard type of torch that holds it when operating. One of the torches is automatic and can be configured to any torch
  • Furthermore, its design has software that allows a user to design how the cuttings can be shaped using a USB stick.
  • This machine has a hand-held pendant designed with jog controls for the X and Y that allows the regulation of starting and stopping.
  • In-built with a software motor that has a lead screw drive. This feature makes the operations better.
  • Its doors are hinged with an enclosure to motor controllers and electronics.
  • This plasma table has 5” wheels that make it move easily
  • Additionally, it has BobCad-Cam software, a program that has been standardized.


  • Pre-set upon purchasing
  • It enables pre-cut
  • Easy to use
  • Already assembled, thus easy to use
  • Has quality and durable stepper motors
  • Electronic wires well fixed and enclosed
  • One-year warranty
  • Support from the technical team is provided
  • Compact and one can operate on even in a small area like a shop


  • There is no provision for controlling torch height

2. Best Budget CNC Plasma Table: Gas Oxyfuel Flame CNC Plasma Table

Salient Feature

  • Cutting area: 1500mm x 2500mm
  • Installation Type: Plasma cutting
  • Dimensions: 118.11 x 98.43 x 39.37 inches
  • Weight: 1320 pounds

It is considered as one of the best machines with quite specific features. The CNC gas Oxyfuel flame plasma cutting tool can be used for many operations, including heating, gouging, welding, soldering, cutting, and brazing.

  • Its design has an automatic plasma torch height control, a feature that allows the working end does not get close to the material being cut.
  • The working area is wide, measuring 59” X 98” that allows one to work on both small and larger metals.
  • Besides, it has a control system that reads the U disk file that facilitates drawing the cutting.
  • The gas requirements are LPG, propane, oxygen, or acetylene, which enable effective cutting.
  • The software, StarCam allows drawing on your computer, then copy the drawing to the machine


  • Has a draught fan for cooling purposes
  • The cutting range is large
  • Has a control system
  • The plasma height control is automatic
  • Can cut thicker metals
  • It has a long cable that keeps a user a distant from the machine when working.


  • It does not have a water bath
  • It needs a wide space to operate from because of the dimensions
  • For learners and DIY, it is not preferable
  • It comes with only one gas, propane, and you need to purchase it or the relevant gas if in case it is exhausted.

3. Best 5 x 10 CNC Plasma Table: STV Motorsports SparX510 5x10 STV CNC Plasma Table

Salient Feature

  • Cutting area: 1500mm x 2500mm
  • Installation Type: Plasma cutting
  • Dimensions: 144 x 83 x 58 in
  • Weight: 450

The STV Motorsports SparX510 plasma cutting table’s design incorporates technology, which is high end and perfect in the CNC innovations.

  • It has high accuracy motors that make it run efficiently together with the ground bearings, a feature that distinguishes it from the rest.
  • All its wires are correctly fixed, something that rids a user the worry of managing them.
  • Furthermore, USB technology enables a user to operate the machine together with a computer for great designs.
  • The inclusion of a water table makes operations better with less or no struggles at all.
  • In case you need a similar cutting, the machine has an automatic procedure for the same.
  • Inclusively, the MyPlasmicCNS software that ensures a user can update the program free of charge.


  • My Plasmic CNC software is free to update
  • It has a consistently high speed
  • Has a warranty
  • A provision of technical support from manufacturers
  • Technology makes it awesome to operate
  • The components are well organized
  • Allows USB connection
  • The linear guide rails are of high quality


  • This machine requires a computer to run effectively
  • If you are looking for a plasma cutter inclusion, then this is not the perfect match.
  • Occupies a lot of space

4. Best 4x4 CNC Plasma Table: STV Motorsports SparX4400 4x4 CNC Plasma Cutting Table

Salient Feature

  • Installation Type: Plasma cutting
  • Cutting envelope dimensions:4’X4’ X:48” Y:48”
  • Motion accuracy: 0.002” per 12 inches
  • Maximum cut speed: 600 inches a minute
  • Torch height control: Automatic
  • Table surface: Replaceable steel slats.
  • Input power: 110/220v VAC (Selectable)

The STV CNC SparX 4400 Plasma Table is one of the best 4x4 CNC plasma tables with quite specific features. It comes with automatic torch height control (THC) and automates repeating tasks functionality. That allows the working end does not to get close to the material being cut.

It has advanced cable management and high-quality linear guide rails which contains and secures all the cable. This gives you a large, unobstructed loading area and increases your CNC table functionality.

This CNC plasma table has another cool feature is water table that gives you drastically reduces dust and helps prevent the metal from warping.


  • It has a full software package and licenses included.
  • Lifetime support.
  • It has USB connectivity and can easily work with any Windows operating system.
  • It has high accuracy stepper motors for speed; control and smooth operation easily.
  • It handles 3/4” steel plates also they can handle more.


  • This unit doesn’t have plasma integrated.
  • Occupies a lot of space

5. Best 5x5 CNC Plasma Table: STV Motorsports CNC Plasma Table - Made in the USA (SparX505-5x5)

Salient Feature

  • Installation Type: Plasma cutting
  • Cutting envelope dimensions: 5’X5’ X:60” Y:60”
  • Motion accuracy: 0.002” per 12 inches
  • Maximum cut speed: 600 inches a minute
  • Torch height control: Automatic
  • Table surface: Replaceable steel slats.
  • Input power: 110/220v VAC (Selectable)
  • Item Weight: 400 lb

STV Motorsports brings you the best 5x5 CNC plasma table. This durable machine is made in America and features a heavy-duty steel frame with an aluminum top that will never crack or warp under heat conditions. The STV offers reliable, precise cutting using state-of-the-art technology for your fabrication needs today.

My favorite thing about this Plasma table is, for those of you who are looking for cutting-edge technology and high-quality components, the STV CNC Plasma Cutting Tables offer a wide range of applications. Their Windows-based software is easy to use with an included license so that your machines work optimally.

A very cool feature that’s included SPARX Series Plasma Tables is a top-tier product with high accuracy stepper motors that offer you speed, control, and smooth operation. It will provide excellent consistency as well as fast speeds which is essential for any table in this day of age.

Truly, The STV CNC's new SPARX series plasma tables offer users the best quality experience possible through its use of accurate Stepper Motors to drive them at record-breaking speeds while maintaining impeccable precision.

With the addition of a new line, tables were built strong enough to handle 3/4" steel plates. This allows for greater functionality in any situation and is made with quality materials that will last.

Overall, it comes with a 1-year warranty and lifetime customer support, setup, and installation assistance from their knowledgeable technicians who have done it before. You'll find tutorials on how to set up all your devices effortlessly, plus quick access to the manuals that will help with any questions or problems along the way.


  • WINDOWS OS - The STV CNC Plasma Table Software runs on a Windows operating system, which is the most widely used and versatile software in the world.
  • MOTION ACCURACY: 0.002” PER 12 INCHES - Our CNC Plasma Tables offer high accuracy motion control with stepper motors, which are designed to be extremely accurate and reliable. This translates into more precise cuts for you.
  • This table can cut up to 1/4" thick steel at speeds of 600 inches per minute (IPM). It will work great for cutting mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass, and other metals. You'll love how quickly it works.


  • Other Plasma cutters will not work with its control box due to the company manufacturing its CPC Cables in-house. You may need a separate tool, such as one of our Mechanized Torch tools, and an additional port that would allow you to operate the table safely.

6. Best 4x8 CNC Plasma Table: STV Motorsports SparX4800 4x8 CNC Plasma Cutting Table

Salient Feature

  • Installation Type: Plasma cutting
  • Cutting envelope dimensions: 4’X8’ X:48” Y:96”
  • Motion accuracy: 0.002” per 12 inches
  • Maximum cut speed: 600 inches a minute
  • Torch height control: Automatic
  • Table surface: Replaceable steel slats.
  • Input power: 110/220v VAC (Selectable)
  • Item Weight: 450 lb

The STV Motorsports SparX4800 4x8 CNC Plasma Cutting Table is the best you can buy. It was made in the USA, so it's guaranteed to produce high-quality cuts for your business or hobby. It has a 4" x 8" work area, with speeds of up to 600mm/sec. This table is the best you can buy on the market and it will last for many years.

You can make cuts of up to 48" x 96". It is priced at $7799 and will be delivered directly to your door within a few weeks! The STV Motorsports SparX4800 CNC Plasma Table has been designed with the needs of today's craftsmen in mind.

They are able to handle a variety of materials without any difficulties whatsoever thanks to its excellent design features that include an easy-to-use software interface for customizing jobs on the fly as well as other advanced capabilities like automatic edge detection so you don't have to worry about lines getting cut off or shapes being lost in translation from paper drawings or CAD files into reality.

This table was built by professionals who know what they're doing and what needs to be done in order for you to get the best possible cutting experience.

The STV Motorsports SparX4800 CNC Plasma Table is a great option for any type of craftsman who wants a high-quality table that will deliver results every time, no matter what material it's working with or how big the project is.


  • Touch screen color display makes setup, run, load/unload, and shutdown simple.
  • All axis on precision ball bearing carriage guide rails - X & Y axes are rack and pinion.
  • Windows-based software package (includes CAD/CAM) is easy to use and comes with a wide range of capabilities.
  • Auto edge detection - No lines cut off, shapes lost in translation from paper drawings or CAD files.
  • Work light and dust collection system included FREE OF CHARGE.


  • This unit does not include plasma and must be purchased separately.
  • Occupies a lot of space - This is an issue for people who don't have a big workspace.

What is a CNC plasma table?

Once you have purchased a plasma cutter table, you need to figure out how it works. The plasma CNC plasma table is the design surface you use while cutting your metals. It is where you attach your plasma torch, ready for work. Fortunately, you do not have to struggle to locate it because it comes with the machine.

How to choose the best CNC plasma Cutter table for money?

As cited earlier, you may have conflicts about selecting the best plasma table. Nevertheless, several features can help you in concluding the best machine. Such features, among others, include the following.

1. Software

For any plasma cutter to function efficiently, its design, among many other components, is the software. The software allows the machine to start operation when put to work. Examples of the software include sheetcam, which gives a user the ability to control the cut parameters, actual edge 2D drafting, and gimp drawing software.

2. Smoke and ventilation

While running plasma cutting operations, fumes are produced. The smoke can be poisonous and harmful to an individual’s health. An exemplary plasma machine has a ventilation channel to get rid of the smoke produced.

3. Construction and material

Before selecting a plasma cutter, you could inquire about the material used in manufacturing. Plasma cutters are either made of steel or aluminum. Depending on the kind and size of the material to cut, you can conclude which one is suitable for your purchase.

4. Motor strength

The motor controls how the plasma torch functions. Finding a plasma table that is stronger and reliable is a must-check. Examples of motor that serve best include servo, whose service is more robust. It coordinates with the machine’s controller sending accurate signals.

5. Quality of the table design

The table’s design and quality play a significant role when it comes to plasma table operations. If a plasma cutter table is heavy, the performance may not be impressive because of the inability to control the accuracy and speed. Considering a lightweight would be a brilliant idea.

6. Types of a project or where to use

If you are looking for a plasma table for home or hobby purposes, then you can opt for the ones that of learners. On the other hand, if your project is professional and industrial or construction use, then you can purchase the ones suitable for this task.

7. Wide application

The plasma tables vary concerning the application. Bearing in mind the sizes of your cuttings and material is among the criteria to consider when selecting a plasma table.

8. Cutting area and speed

A commendable plasma table is one whose cutting rate can be estimated per minute. If you need to have more cuttings, then a machine whose cutting speed is higher compared to the others would be your solution. The cutting area and capacity influence your choice, as well.

9. Warranty

The warranty for plasma tables varies depending on the model, size, and efficiency. A warranty offers you a place to seek consideration, help, and replacement if need be. It is, therefore, essential that you find a warranty that covers the machine for at least a year.

10. Consumables

Most of the plasma tables have consumables such as nozzles, electrode, shield cap, swirl cap, and retaining cap that need replacement. However, when making a purchase, ensure that you identify a device whose consumables last longer.

11. CNC control

An exemplary plasma table should have a managing system. This way, you can monitor, alter, and customize certain specifications.

12. Control height

You must consider the provision of a control height. This inclusion ensures cutting’s long life. A well-packaged machine has a control height feature.

How can you choose between a plasma system and oxyfuel cutting systems?

Both experts and learners experience difficulties concerning the choice of a plasma cutting system and oxyfuel cutting systems. Luckily, several features can influence your choice. Here is a look at the variations.

  1. Functions

Whereas the plasma cutting systems operate gouging and cutting services, the oxyfuel is versatile. The latter additionally can be used for brazing, heating, soldering, and cutting. Furthermore, the plasma cutters’ services apply to lighter metals like aluminum and steel, and the oxyfuel can operate on thicker metals like ferrous.

2. Size and thickness on cuttings

If you want large cuttings, then opting for an oxyfuel system is necessary. This system cuts finely up to six inches. On the other hand, plasma cutting methods have a limit depending on the model. A majority of these machines can cut up to one inch, which is considered as a maximum severance.

3. Gas requirements

Most plasma cutting systems have pre-set gas like nitrogen and oxygen, which reduces the challenge of trying to acquire a specific gas. Concerning the oxyfuel, a user is forced to incur an additional cost of the gas for operations, which include propane.

4. Safety operations

While operating the oxyfuel, a user has an advantage of the provision of long cables that increase the distance between the working area and the user. On the other hand, the plasma cutting system may not offer this safety requirement, which places an operator at risk of injury. However, a remedy could be a user has the option of wearing protective equipment.

5. Cost

The prices of either system are a factor to consider. The costs include the first purchasing, consumables, and maintenance costs. The plasma systems may be affordable and relatively cheap to maintain. In contrast, oxyfuel systems are pricey both in terms of acquisition and maintenance.

6. Purpose of purchase

Like any other item, there is a motivation to buying it. For learners, buying a plasma cutting system would be an option to explore. As for the expert, you can consider trying the oxyfuel, significantly if the metals to cut are a bit thicker.

7. Ease of use

Figuring out how either of these systems functions without difficulty is something that influences the choice. The oxyfuel cutter operates automatically, yet requires you not only to be on guard for any possible malfunctioning but also to set and maintain the flame’s steadiness. This tactic appears to be risky since it would take time to master it. On the other hand, plasma cutting technology has a manual that is not difficult to follow.

8. Cut quality and design

Considering the cutting’s quality and design is another factor to bear in mind. As much as both of them give quality, the preference varies. Furthermore, the designs that can be cut influence a person’s decision. If you are considering acquiring either for artistic purposes, then the plasma technology would be a perfect choice. As for consideration concerning thickness quality and design, then your alternative is the oxyfuel machine.

What makes the plasma cutting system different from oxyfuel technology unique?

As technology sprouts innovations, the plasma system and oxyfuel are products of such. Most users of the welding systems opt for either because of specific features. So what distinguishes the plasma cutting system from the latter?

  • It cuts materials that conduct electricity, such as aluminum, bronze, and copper, with up to two inches severance.
  • It can be used for fabrications, sculpting, art, farm work, DIY, and hobbyist activities.
  • The production is relatively good, depending on the power source and the output voltage.
  • Successful operations can be run without preheating the metals, which saves the time to spend on running operations.
  • In terms of versatile options, it can cut different designs and shapes.
  • If set up well and operations run as they should, damages may be out of the picture.
  • Some machines are portable, depending on the model and size.
  • Affordable and easy to use by both DIY and professionals.
  • The availability of a variety of models and designs gives users multiple options for acquisition.

Cons of the plasma cutting system

  • Some engines need to be set up by users to enable operations.
  • Maintenance should be done more often.
  • The cutting size is limited up to two inches.

Have a look at what makes the oxyfuel unique.

  • Cuts metals that are thicker than one inch (up to 24 inches).
  • This system is assembled to enable immediate use—no need to figure out how to fix it and operate.
  • Automatically cuts metals that have iron upon enabling the operation.
  • The operations are cheaper to run upon purchase.
  • It is efficient and reliable since it does not require compressed air.
  • It functions without requiring an additional power source. The tip design options and gas facilitate operations. This way, you can use it anywhere, even in the absence of a power source.
  • Its operations are applicable in big projects, which include construction, maintenance, automotive, and repairs.
  • It is portable
  • This system’s operations range from welding, soldering, gouging, brazing, to bending metals. Additionally, it can be used to heat metals for excellent functioning. This can be well done by combining it with a torch.

Cons of oxyfuel technology

Any other machine has shortcomings. Here is a list of oxyfuel technology

  • If its operation is not correctly run, the possibility of damage and harm is inevitable. It is, therefore, recommended that a user puts on protective equipment.
  • It uses an open flame for its functioning.
  • Preheating of metals is a requirement.
  • The device can only cut ferrous metals.
  • Quite expensive when it comes to maintenance.


Many manufacturers are emerging and aiding the production of plasma tables. This move proves beneficial since you can acquire a suitable device as per your preferences. However, it is vital to get the best CNC plasma table for the money you are budgeting for.

What is the best CNC plasma table?

As much as there exists a variety of CNC plasma tables, distinguishing the best from the rest usually poses a challenge to buyers. Nonetheless, identifying the best would be in terms of value, budget, project type, and premium operations.

How much does a CNC plasma table cost?

Although there may be many plasma tables in the market, they all vary in prices. The variation depends on the quality of the machine, model, and type. However, they range from $200 and could be as pricey as well, depending on the highlighted features.

Can you make money with a plasma table?

The answer is a solid yes. From a learner to an expert, there are more ways you can make money using a plasma table. The activities range from working for construction sites to welding activities. Whichever your option, making money is inevitable.

What can you make with a plasma table?

If you are trying to figure out what you can do with the plasma table, then there are many ideas. You can skillfully make art pieces, signs, decor, and gates, among others. Take the challenge and put your creativity to test and see what you can come up with it.

Can I make a plasma cutting table?

Absolutely, let not the advancing of technology hinder you from your hobby. Furthermore, it is economical since you can improvise it as per your design and make adjustments where necessary.

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