Best Welder Generator To Power a House Reviews 2022

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The welding business is as lucrative as any other means of sources of income could be. The challenge of finding a source power is what most welders have to contend with. The use of generators is an alternative source that you could consider. How do you acquire the best welder generator to power a house?

So, what is the best welder generator to power a house? If this finding the best generator is what you are contemplating, then the Miller Bobcat 225 Engine driven welder. It stands out among the money because it generates up to 11,000 watts of power. Furthermore, its fuel tank of 12 gallons makes it reliable upon filling.

Besides, the miller bobcat’s smart fuel tank prevents the backsplash of fuel when refilling. With a 100% duty cycle, an output current of 40 – 250 amps makes using it cost-effective. It is also durable and can serve for a more extended period if one maintains it appropriately, thus durable.

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What Are The Best Welder Generator To Power A House? 

Here are some of the best welder generator to power a house we found:

01. HOBART Champion Elite Welder Generator

Salient Feature

  • Duty cycle: 100%
  • Manufacturer: Hobart
  • Rated output: 225A at 25V
  • Generator power: 11000 at 9500 W
  • Maximum open circuit voltage: 80 VDC
  • Weld Output: CC
  • Amps output range: 40 – 145 DC
  • Fuel type: Gasoline
  • Fuel tank capacity: 6.25
  • Open circuit voltage: 25
  • Welding amperage range: 40 – 225 DC
  • This machine is a two-in-one with an 11000-watt generator and 225 amps welder. When you make this purchase, it is economical.
  • The Hobart champion elite welder design is compact, thus portable. For this reason, you can comfortably move it to the next site if need be.
  • The machine has a reliable Kohler engine. This engine can serve you for a while before refueling it. Furthermore, upon purchasing, the fuel tank is at 12 gallons, and it runs on low oil pressure.
  • Besides, the door panel offers protection, ensuring safety and long term service.
  • The presence of a single knob current enables easier setting up and operations.
  • Pros

    • You get two deals in one purchase
    • The machine is portable
    • The engine is reliable
    • Easy to maintain
    • Easy to set up and operate
    • It has a warranty of up to five years
    • The engine has a separate warranty from the manufacturer
    • Fuel is not wasted
    • It has less noise


    • The machine does not have casters or wheels to move it.
    • It does not have a CV output
    • You have to purchase welding cables and leads
    • The provision of welding function is limited to DC

    02. Engine Driven Welder, 225 Bobcat Welder Generator

    Salient Feature

    • Duty cycle: 100%
    • Manufacturer: Miller electric
    • Rated output: 225A - @25V/ 150A – 25V
    • Generator power: 225 amps
    • Maximum open circuit voltage: 80 OCV
    • Weld output: 225 amps
    • Amps output range: 50 – 225 amps
    • Gas start type: Electric
    • Fuel type: Gas
    • Fuel tank capacity: 12 gallons
    • Open circuit voltage: 150 amps
    • Welding amperage range: 225 amps
    • This machine has a welder switch that offers options for between stick and wire TIG process easy. Besides, the switch automatically shifts polarity, enabling easier setting up. It also provides the coarse range control.
    • The DC TIG stick and AC TIG stick control output. This way, a user can switch the preferable coarseness.
    • The engine-driven welder has a fine adjust control that tunes the amperage to the viable option. For instance, it sets ten for generator services and at 7 for welding purposes.
    • To start, you enable the engine choke control. Furthermore, this feature selects between high-speed, lock, and idle options.


    • This machine can be used even under extreme conditions
    • The fuel tank can run up to 14 hours before refueling
    • Operates on either Kohler or Subaru engines
    • Its welding is smooth without spatter


    • Though the design has primary accessories, you may have to acquire the specific welding tools for your site.
    • Quite costly in comparison to other brands
    • It does not have an AC or high frequency

    03. Lincoln Electric Ranger 225 Welder Generator

    Salient Feature

    • Duty cycle: 100%
    • Manufacturer: Lincoln Electric
    • Rated output: 40%
    • Generator power: Single phase AC generator power
    • Maximum open circuit voltage: 120V/240V
    • Weld output: 225 amps
    • Amps output range: 210 AMPS
    • Fuel type: Gasoline
    • Fuel tank capacity: 12 gallon
    • Welding amperage range: 20 – 225 amps

    The Lincoln electric ranger can run many operations, which include stick welding, MIG welding, TIG welding, and flux core welding.

    • The available technology makes the Lincoln electric welder unique in that you can run four different operations with the same machine. This choice is cost-effective, especially if your operations are professional.
    • Furthermore, its engine, Kohler, can come with a fueled tank of 12 gallons. The gasoline fuel can be relied on for at least 16 hours.
    • The auto-idle feature offers protection to your machine, hence ensures the device lasts longer. In this manner, the device produces less noise.
    • The AC and DC options give a user multiple options that can work as a preference for current flow.
    • It is among the lighter machines in the generator industry currently. A user can be able to carry it whenever they want without worrying about its weigh.
    • An electric starter switch which displays OFF, ON, and IDLE, enable the operator to choose the suitable option necessary at the moment.


    • Compact and portable
    • Less noise
    • Easy to maintain
    • The fuel engine is efficient
    • The control panel is easy to use
    • Affordable
    • It has a three-year warranty
    • Good for multitasking
    • Has both AC and DC


    • It does not incorporate chopper technology
    • Frequent cleaning is necessary
    • You have to figure where and how to unload from the truck

    04. Engine Driven Welder, Bulldog 5500

    Salient Feature

    • Duty cycle: 60%
    • Manufacturer: Lincoln electric
    • Rated output: 40%
    • Generator power: Single phase AC generator power
    • Maximum open circuit voltage: 120V/240V
    • Weld output: 225 amps
    • Amps output range: 140 AMPS
    • Fuel type: Gasoline
    • Fuel tank capacity: 12 gallon
    • Welding amperage range: 20 – 225 amps
  • It has a patent-pending, which protects it from damage. It also helps in lifting the machine.
  • The stick electrode ensures that it produces 140 amps, suitable for the operations.
  • The continuous power generator offers a solution to the power shortage.
  • Pros

    • Suitable for home, farm, and industrial use
    • Easy to maintain
    • It is reliable and of good quality


    • The package does not come with leads.

    05. Miller Trailblazer 325 (Kohler) Engine Drive Welder/Generator 907753

    Salient Feature

    • Duty cycle: 100%
    • Manufacturer: Miller
    • Rated output: 28V
    • Generator power: 10500W
    • Maximum open circuit voltage: 120V/240V
    • Weld output: 325 amps
    • Amps output range: 30 - 325 amps
    • Fuel type: Gasoline
    • Fuel tank capacity: 12 gallon
    • Welding amperage range: 300 amps
  • It has an electric fuel injection option that makes it reliable, taking less time to refill.
  • The excel power option saves the amount of power being used. This is a unique feature that the miller company boasts of.
  • It has an auto speed technology that functions automatically by adjusting the engine’s speed.
  • Pros

    • Less noise
    • It can operate grinders.
    • Cost-effective
    • Portable, stronger and durable
    • Cooler than its competitors


    • Costly

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    What is a welder generator?

    A welder generator is a machine that can be used for both welding activities and as a source of power. You can either use it as a substitute for power supply, the main source for power, or as a machine to power your other electric-using tools.

    What size of generator do I need for my house?

    An ideal generator would be one that you can switch to in case of shortages. Before selecting any, you need to analyze and understand the kind of appliances you have and the amount of energy they consume. You can consider a generator that has an average of 5000-7500 watts. This size is suitable for a house using a freezer, cooking appliances, a microwave, a fridge, a lighting system, and devices that do not consume a lot of energy.

    How to choose a perfect welder generator for my house

    The availability of many industries manufacturing welding generators is an effective option for finding a source of power. Nonetheless, this poses a challenge to most buyers since you do not know which one serves better. Here is a checklist to help you identify and purchase the best welder generator.

    1. Power output capacity:

    The rated power output capacity is vital before acquiring any generator. Some generator machines have a higher output voltage, which would imply that they use a lot of fuel, and could pose a threat like exploding to the user.

    On the other hand, a lower voltage output capacity would imply that the heat being generated is low and consequently lowers functionality, hence not effective. A machine with less power capacity is inconveniencing a user since it may not be able to operate on heavy tasks. An ideal welder generator output capacity would be between 120V to 240V.

    2. Fuel type and tank capacity:

    Different generator brands have different fuel types and tank capacity. Currently, most of the generators use lesser fuel in comparison to the previous ones. Most users prefer generators that run on diesel, with a tank capacity of 12 gallons. However, you have the checklist, and you know what is suitable for you.

    Furthermore, if you are considering a welder’s generator for your business and professional services, then an ideal engine is one with a big tank. This way, you can run your operations for an extended period. Besides, you save the time you could use for refueling now and then and focus on carrying on with your business.

    3. Fuel consumption:

    The welder generator rate of fuel consumption varies from model to the other. Daily consumption of fuel would influence your choice of a generator. Some generators use a lot of energy, which would mean that you have to spend more on fuel. For example, a generator that runs on 5000 watts in a day consumes, on average, 18 gallons of gasoline.

    4. Weight and design:

    Most generators vary in weight. If you are looking for a portable welder generator, then a lightweight generator would be a reasonable consideration. However, if your choice depends on multi-purposing, then a larger welder would be suitable. A heavyweight, furthermore, reduces effectiveness.

    5. Portability:

    This factor is essential if your applications will be using your generator at different sites. The heavy generators may be challenging to shift to the next area when the demand arises.

    6. Duty cycle:

    A good generator has a duty cycle of not less than 60%. This way, the generator can run continuously and effectively.

    7. Noise levels:

    You know how disruptive noise can be, not only to your health but also to the engine itself. Consider a machine with little noise.

    8. Pricing:

    Well, concerning your checklist, ensure that your solution is affordable.

    9. Warranty and customer service:

    A good generator has a warranty that covers a machine for at least one year. Customer service also provides a user with a platform to seek help when you are stuck or need to inquire.

    Safety of welder generator

    Using a welder generator poses harm to both physical safety and health in general. There are some precautions you can consider. Cited below are risks and the necessary precaution measures:

    1. Explosion:

    If the generator produces a lot of voltage, it could probably explode.


    • Keep your working area from flammable items
    • Avoid overloading the generator with a lot of appliances, including loading
    • The output voltage should not exceed the manufacturer's recommendation
    • Always take the engine for mechanical maintenance
    • Refuel the machine when it is cold and not hot
    • In case you want to refuel, ensure that it is not operating
    • Ensure that the fuel tank is not leaking
    • Avoid smoking when either refilling or operating
    • After refueling, tighten the cap securely

    2. Risk to health:

    Operating the welder generator furthermore may be a threat to the health of an individual. The risks, among others, include ultra rays, eye problems, hearing challenges, headaches, and skin damage.


    • While operating, wear protective clothing like a non-flammable shirt or long-sleeved shirt to prevent the harm on the skin
    • Wear a mask or goggles to protect the eyes
    • Wear gloves to avoid direct contact with the hands
    • Wear closed shoes
    • Ensure that they are operating in a well-ventilated place and not a small room.

    3. Risks associated with operating the machine:

    This happens mainly to the engine’s device.


    • Place the machine on a flat surface, do not adjust while operating. A flat surface facilitates the lubrication of the machine.
    • Use the recommended fuel, mostly diesel
    • Avoid contact with water
    • Do not destroy or remove the cover guards
    • Ensure that your engine is functioning well and not faulty
    • When moving and lifting, at least two people should carry it
    • When welding, avoid looking directly at the machine without protective goggles.

    How do you maintain a welder generator?

    For durability and effective working, you need to take care of your welder generator appropriately. Here is what you can do to aid long term service.

    • Do not use a different type of fuel. Most generators’ provision of fuel is diesel.
    • Based on the output voltage, do not overload the machine with appliances.
    • In case you want to use extensions, then the heavy-duty extensions are commendable.
    • Before connecting an appliance to it, you must test if it is functioning.
    • In case you want to stop the engine, then you have to switch it off the stop switch, and do not forget to turn the lever switch off.
    • Always follow the user’s manual to avoid inconveniences.
    • Always use the manufacturer’s set speed.
    • Always store in an upright position and not horizontal.

    How to effectively operate a welder generator?

    Well, in comparison to other machines, a welder generator may be challenging to operate. Besides, you do not want your wish your hard-earned money to go to waste for doing a stupid thing. Here is how you can run a welder generator and run it effectively.

    • Trace the fuel lever and turn it on.
    • Turn the machine’s stop switch on. (The choke lever can be used in case you are cold starting).
    • If you want to run a welder operation, then you have to turn the welder switch on. If you are going to use it as a generator, then select the generator output option.
    • Choose the recommended range for operation.
    • To start the machine, pull the recoil rope with the throttle at a slow speed.
    • You will notice that the engine is getting warmer; you, therefore, have to return the choke lever to an open position.
    • Open the throttle to commence operations. Do not adjust the factory-set speed.

    What to note when using a welder generator?

  • The correct power supply is the one the company provides. Altering may cause malfunctioning.
  • Overloading the engine with appliances is a risk for an explosion.
  • In case the safety switch falls off, you need to stop the engine immediately by turning the stop switch off.
  • To avoid harm, always wear protective clothing.
  • When welding, do not bring to contact the item being welded with the welder generator. This precaution prevents the distortion of wiring.
  • Use appliances that comply with using the machine.
  • The factory-set speed is to ensure effective functioning. Adjusting prevents this aspect.
  • If you burn yourself, use cold water to rinse off.
  • Pay attention while operating the machine. You are not sure everything is okay or runs, as usual, thus need for alertness.
  • Do not drag the machine on the floor; instead, lift it when you need to move it.
  • In case of uncertainty, consult an expert.
  • Learners and DIY’s should strictly adhere to the welder generator’s manual. If stuck, at least consider seeking help.
  • Always check your machine for any damages. It can be done by seeking mechanical checkups.
  • If you suspect something could be wrong, stop the machine and check. Fix if possible to avoid further destruction.
  • Since it is a machine, avoid inserting your fingers in it, more so when it is operating.
  • Conclusion

    If you are looking for an option to power shortage, then acquiring the best welder generator to power a house is a great consideration.

    [sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0="h3" question-0="Can a welder generator power a house?" answer-0="Yes. This option is among the many advantages of acquiring a generator. It comes in handy, especially when experiencing power shortages. Furthermore, it is a reliable alternative that you can opt to in your home." image-0="" headline-1="h3" question-1="Can you run a stick welder on a generator?" answer-1="Though you may use it, this is not a good idea. The risks attached to using the stick welder are more in comparison to its benefits. It is because some stick welders do not have the necessary protection from dirt. Furthermore, using a stick welder would slow the generator’s functionality or would destroy it." image-1="" headline-2="h3" question-2="What size generator do I need to run a refrigerator?" answer-2="The ideal size of a generator that can run a refrigerator would be one whose output voltage is between 5000 to 7000 watts." image-2="" headline-3="h3" question-3="Will a 7500 watt generator run my house?" answer-3="Yes. A generator with 7500 watts can run your house because the output voltage can accommodate the appliances you are using all at ago." image-3="" headline-4="h3" question-4="What size generator do I need to run a hot water heater?" answer-4="This option depends on the size of the heater you are using. For instance, a small heater would require a 3000 to 5000 watts generator to run effectively. On the other hand, a large heater would need a generator that runs an output voltage of between 5500 to 7000 watts." image-4="" headline-5="h3" question-5="What is the easiest welding to learn?" answer-5="If you are interested in welding, then the best idea would be learning fast. You gain expertise by practicing the skill. The most non-stressful and most manageable welding to learn is MIG welding. In this procedure, you use electricity to join pieces of metal together. Quick learners with passion would love this idea." image-5="" count="6" html="true" css_class=""]

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