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When you are a welder, welding helmet is necessary to protect yourself from UV rays. Are you searching for best welding helmet under $200? You have spent a lot of time while searching for it. No need to be worried because we are here to help you to find the ideal protection you need from the best welding helmets. When you want to buy an LCD welding helmet, you ask yourself just two questions, such as: How clear to see the work piece through the LCD? and, How well can I see during, before, and after the weld?

So, what is the best welding helmet under $200? We recommend Jackson safety 46131 insight because of This ADF helmet has a viewing area of 3.93" x 2.36 with Crystal Clear Lens with Wide Range 9 to 13. It has sensitivity and delay adjustments for different tasks and different durations, Enabling welders to adapt various working environments by controlling the shade of the lens. The best quality of lens clear visibility while a sensors helps in auto adjustment.

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Comparison Table of Top 07 Welding Helmet Under $200 

Top 07 best welding helmet under $200 comparison table are given below:

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What Are The Best Welding Helmet Under $200? 

Here are some of the best welding helmet under $200 we found:

01. Jacksons Safety 46131 Insight Variable Auto Darkening Best Welding Helmet Review

Salient Feature

  • View Area: 3.93”x2.36”
  • Shades: 09 to 13
  • Sensitivity: Very sensitive and adjustable
  • Sensors: 04 independent sensors
  • Controls: Very easy digital controls
  • Switching speed: 1/10,000 seconds
  • Power source: 2 replaceable lithium batteries
  • Safety Standards: ANSI Z87.1+

This helmet is different from all others because of its weight and views are. It is very sensitive and fulfills standard for welding helmets.

Clear Vision:

This helmet has best and clear vision because of best quality lens. You can see everything happening in welding process. Some Helmets fail in darkness but this helmet makes visibility clear in darkness too.

Light Weight:

People talk about thin covering shell but this shell makes helmet weightless. Weightless helmet is very easy to use. You will never feel tiredness while wearing this helmet.


This welding helmet is different from others because of its sensitivity. It has four independent sensors which makes it adjustable. Sensitivity and adjustment help to work comfortably. 

Multiple Modes:

Some users need welding helmets for both welding and grinding process. This helmet provides welders the choice to choose mode which they require.


  • Wide range lens
  • Best quality lens
  • 4 quality sensors
  • Light weight
  • Best for welding


  • Shell material is confusing feature but it does not mean a lot if carefully used.

02. Lincoln Electric VIKING 1840 Welding helmet with 4C Lens Technology–K3023-3 


Salient Feature

  • View Area: 3.78’’ x 1.85’’ 
  • Shades: 9-13 
  • Sensitivity: Continuous light sensitivity
  • Sensors: 2 arc sensors 
  • Power source: 1 CR2450 Replaceable Battery 
  • Switching Speed: 1/25000 seconds

This helmet helps in clear visibility by using the latest technology. It has a very quick external shade controls and head gear that provides comfort.

4C lens technology:

People usually look for clear view. This helmet provides clear view using 4C lens technology. This technology reduces light contrast. The clear view helps to overcome eye stress and fatigue.

Larger view area:

The auto darkening lens provides 16% extra viewable place. People are always looking for larger view area to work perfectly. This helmet provide larger view are than others to fulfill user requirement.

External shade control:

Welders are not comfortable while using because of external shades. But this helmet provides vast range of shades control from 9-13. This shade control range makes this helmet a perfect choice over others.


Sensitive helmet helps welder to get better results. This helmet has two sensors which provides adjustability to lenses. This helmet can control sensitivity and magnification. It has very strong delay controlling system.


  • 4C lens improves visibility
  • Less eye stress
  • Clear view
  • Wide angle view
  • Battery timing


  • It may affect control time sometime

03. Miller Electric 282000 Digital Performance Auto Darkening Helmet (Black)

Salient Feature

  • View Area: 7.22 square inches
  • Shades: 8-13 
  • Sensitivity: Control sensitivity and magnification
  • Sensors: 03 arc sensors
  • Switching Time: 1/20,000 seconds 
  • Shell Material: Nylon 
  • Power source: 02 lithium batteries with solar assistance

This helmet is very comfortable helmet because of headgear, sensitive and light technology used. It uses auto lens control to facilitate welders. It has very impressive digital control system.


Comfortability is the basic concern of any customer. This helmet having headgear improved technology provides comfort. This helmet fits easily because of headgear. A welder can work for many hours using this helmet.

Digital controls:

Many people are searching for helmets having digital controls. Digital controls provide ease to welder. Digital helmet is very easy to use. This helmet is very easy to use for welding smoothly.

Clean light technology:

Welders want clear view to give their best at welding projects. This helmet having clean light technology provides clear view. Welder feel comfort and easy to use it. Welder can work for hours without feeling stress on eyes.


Sensitivity is the main concern of many welders. This helmet has three arc sensors which helps in adjustability of lens according to the requirements. The auto lens helps welder to achieve effectiveness.


  • Clear light lens technology
  • Independent 3 arc sensors
  • Meet standards
  • Headgears provide adjustability
  • Easy digital controls


  • Helmet design

04. Weldcote Metals Ultra View Plus True Color Digital Auto Darkening Welding Helmet  

Salient Feature

  • View Area: 4.5" X 5.24" 
  • Shades: 5-9, 9-13 
  • Sensitivity: Sensitive and magnifier 
  • Power source: Solar cells and CR2450 battery 
  • UV/IR protection: 15DIN 
  • Sensors: 04 arc sensors

This helmet saves from harmful radiation and solar energy as power. It has sensors which provides additional adjustability. There are masks for ears and neck protection.

UV/IV protection:

Welding process produces UV/IV rays. These rays are very harmful for eyes and may cause eye cancer. This helmet provides protection from these harmful rays. The usage of this helmet will never affect eyesight of welder.

True color technology:

Welding process produces light rays of different colors. These colors may affect effectiveness. This helmet uses true color technology to present clear view to welder to perform his work perfectly.


Many welders are looking for quick action against light changes. This helmet has 4 sensors. These sensors perform very fast and transition time is about 0.8ms. This quick action helps welder to avoid any mistake because of light issues.

Solar Energy:

This helmet has 2 fixed batteries. This helmet use sunlight to charge batteries. This additional solar charging save electricity cost. If any shortage of electricity, the solar charging ability will help to continue the work.


  • 3 memory settings
  • UV protection
  • Power supply by solar cells
  • True color technology
  • 39% larger view
  • 0.8ms transition


  • Helmet weight

05. TGR Panoramic 180 View Solar Powered Auto Darkening Helmet –True Color (CARBON FIBER)

Salient Feature

  • Shades: 4-10 and 8-12
  • Sensitivity: Sensitive and adjustable
  • Sensors: 4 independent arc sensors
  • Switching time: 1/10,000 seconds
  • Power source: Replaceable Li MN and solar
  • Optical Class: 1-1-1-2

This helmet is highly sensible and adjustable. It is very easy to use. It has grind protection against flying insects. Large view area and throat protection are important features of this helmet.

Darkening Window:

Sometimes light affect performance because welder cannot view clear. This helmet provides auto darkness window to present clear view. This window helps welders to improve their welding performance.

Throat Protection:

Welding is very dangerous process. Welding produces small particles that may attack throat. These particles may cause cuts on throat. This helmet provides additional security to throat of welder. So, Welder can work without any fear.


Sometimes, flexibility is our main concern. This helmet provides flexibility because of Carbon fibers. The flexibility helps welder to work for a long time without tiring.

Cost of electricity:

It has reliable LI MN fixed battery. It has solar cells which helps to charge battery. Because solar cells are chargeable in sunlight, it costs less for electricity.   It may help charge during work as well.


  • Auto darkening window
  • Auto lens darkness
  • Throat Guard
  • Fiber carbon


  • Helmet design

06. Antra AH7-X90-001X Top Optical Class,Digital controlled Solar Powered Welding Helmet

Salient Feature

  • View Area: 12.5 square inches 
  • Shades: 4-9 and 9-13 
  • Sensitivity: Auto adjustable 
  • Sensors: 4 controlled sensors 
  • Power source: 2 lithium batteries
  • UV/IV: 13

This helmet is very reliable and comfortable. It has welder paddle and auto dim lens. It protects against harmful rays as well. It is very sensitive to light and is adjustable. 

UV/IV protection:

Welder process produces very harmful rays like UV and IR. These rays are very harmful for eyes. They may cause eye diseases and cancer. This helmet provides UV and IV protection. 

All in one:

Welders always search for a helmet which is versatile. This helmet provides all facilities to welder. Welder can use it during all type of welding process. It has auto dim lens control which helps in plasma cutting as well.

Comfortable and reliable:

A welder needs comfort during his work. He needs a comfortable and reliable helmet to improve his performance. It contains welding paddle as well. It less sensitive to sunlight. This helmet because of its versatility provides comfort and reliability to welder.


This helmet is very sensitive. It has 4 sensors which helps in detecting and controlling during welding process. It has auto shading which avoid eye stress. It is very responsive to block rays as well.


  • Safety and comfort
  • UV/IV protection
  • Comfortable
  • Reliable
  • All in one
  • Great performance


  • Head harms protection

07. 3M 9002nc 04-0100-20NC Welding Helmet 

Salient Feature

  • View Area: 2.13”x4.09”
  • Shades: 8-12 
  • Sensitivity: 4 level sensitivity
  • Sensors: 03 
  • Power source: ADF:CR2032

This helmet possesses very unique and modern design.  A very slim and presents modern and professional look. It provides freedom of movement. It is very easy to control because of advanced weld paddle.


This helmet provides brighter view. Welder feels a realistic view from it. The advance paddle control helps to achieve effectiveness. A welder can easily control the welding process.

Battery timing:

Welders always search a helmet with long lasting battery. So that, they can work more without thinking about power issues. The battery timing of this helmet is 2000hours. This helmet helps welder to work smoothly for long time

Long Working:

Welders look for helmet that is comfortable and they can work foe long period without tiredness. This helmet provides comfortability and welder can work for long period while wearing this helmet. This helmet provides head gears.

Easy to operate:

Welders are not familiar with technology. They need helmet very easy to operate and maintain. This helmet provides very easy controls and maintaining system. A welder without any digital skills can use it after little bit of training.


  • Head gears
  • Easy to operate
  • Easy to maintain
  • Easy to wear for long time
  • Battery timing


  • Not preferable for side window

Buying Guide

I have done by explaining top 7 welding helmets under $200. Now, it’s time to explore buying guide. It is clear and detailed buying guide. It contains all the features of best budget welding helmet.

Ease of Use:

Budget is the main concern while buying a welding helmet. People usually go for expensive helmet. But if you are new to this field, you should helmet which is easy to use. When you will get experience, buy other one.


It is a factor which you can never ignore. It is very difficult to change helmet again and again. You should select a helmet that is all in one. So, it will work for long time.

To buy a best welding helmet you should do research and read all the specifications. Once you have done any helmet, go for it.

Large viewing area:

The large view area will help welder to see a clear view of edges. The clear view will help you to weld properly. This will produce effectiveness and sharpness in your work. Keep view area in mind while buying helmet.


Pricing is a major aspect while buying a welding helmet. You should go through price tags. If you are new, select cheaper one. When you master it, you can go for expensive one.

Many people but expensive welding helmet because it looks impressive. They do not know how to use it. They damage it because of lack of their technical knowledge. In this way, they waste their money.


Never compromise price over safety. Life is more important than money. You should choose a safe helmet. Check all the safety features that may prevent you from future injuries and damage.


Weight is an important feature of any welding helmet. A helmet with heavy weight is very difficult to use. It may cause tiredness and you cannot work for long period. Choose light weighted welding helmet for your comfort.


Sensitive of any welding helmet is very important feature. If a helmet does not respond quickly, it will affect your performance. Choose very sensitive helmet to work efficiently.

Battery timing:

The power is an issue what will happen if your helmet battery is dead while working. You will have to charge it and it will stop you from working. It will ultimately affect your performance. Be careful about battery timing while buying welding helmet.

Necessity Of Welding Helmet

Welding seems to be very easy process to join two metal pieces with the help or pressure or heat. But it is very risky process. Welding is although very risky process but is an important manufacturing process. It is compulsory to take all the precautionary measure for safe welding.

Who should wear welding helmet?

Anyone who is involved in welding process should wear welding helmet. Anyone who sees welding process, he should also wear helmet. It will prevent them from UV rays, sparks and sharp torch light. The light can cause temporary or permanent blindness.

Benefits of wearing helmet

Wearing a helmet can save welder from head injuries. Helmet will safe welder in case of bump or slip.  Welding process produces UV and IR rays. Wearing helmet will save you from radiations. Helmet provides safety to face and eyes to save them from infections.

Helmet saves your face and neck from heat and unexpected burnout. Radiations from welding cause eye diseases. These radiations may cause blindness. Helmet saves you from getting blind.

Types of Helmets

Helmets are of different types depending upon their features. As the technology is developing, different types of helmet are in the market. We will discuss some of them there.

Passive welding helmets have very conventional designs. They have very simple and old designing structure. They are enough to avoid insects, UV rays, and heat produced from welding process.

The main feature of Auto-darkening welding helmets is to auto lens adjustment. These helmets will detect the light produced during welding process and change lens accordingly. This feature helps welders to achieve efficiency in their work.

Solar welding helmets have fixed battery. The sunlight is source or recharge for these helmets. The lens work automatically. When welder is not using helmet lens get off automatically.

Final Verdict

Finally, it was all about guide for best welding helmet under $200. I started by explaining best welding helmet under $200 and why is it best? I selected top 7 budget welding helmets. These all helmets are affordable. They have many excellent pros, while minimal cons those can be ignored.

After that, very clear buying guide. This guide is all about what features you should always consider while buying welding helmet. This guide will help you to know what do you need.

We have discussed about welding process and how it can be harmful, why it is necessary to wear welding helmet, and what different types of helmets are.

We have provided you some FAQs at the end. This section will give answers of all your questions. You can ask any question anytime. We know it’s an investment for long time. We will answer your questions.


[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0="h3" question-0="What is the best Miller welding helmet?" answer-0="Miller Electric 282000 Digital Performance Auto Darkening Helmet with Clear Light Lens Technology is the best Miller welding helmet. It has very effective sensitive and control system. It uses clear view technology and auto lens. The headgear provide comfort to welder." image-0="" headline-1="h3" question-1="Are best cheap welding helmets any good?" answer-1="Cheap helmets never mean they are useless. They may lack some features but they are not too much harmful. You can buy cheap helmet but keep your safety in mind. Cheap helmets are very useful for fresh welders. They can learn easily buy using them." image-1="" headline-2="h3" question-2="Is auto darkening welding helmet safe?" answer-2="When you are using helmet carefully, auto-darkening helmet will never damage your eyes. Try to keep your helmet’s battery fully charged to avoid any damage. If your battery is dead, it may affect your performance and eyes too." image-2="" headline-3="h3" question-3="Can you weld with shade 5 glasses?" answer-3="Shade 5 glasses are not good for MIG/TIG but you can use them when cutting or grinding metals. These glasses cover eyes nicely and prevent you from harmful rays. You can view smoothly by wearing these glasses because they enclose around head." image-3="" headline-4="h3" question-4="How dark should welding glasses be?" answer-4="You should use welding glasses having lens of shade 9-13. Higher the shade is, darker it will be. The darkness protects eyes from harmful light rays. Your eyes will never feel tiredness. " image-4="" count="5" html="true" css_class=""]

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