How to Make Money With a CNC Plasma Cutter?

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Plasma cutters are instruments with confined openings that electrically allow arcs to pass through the openings. Due to high temperatures, the gas is converted to a plasma state, as the name ‘plasma cutters’ suggest. The plasma is usually of high temperatures, enabling the cutter to penetrate through solid metals like aluminum or steel.

CNC plasma cutters are widely used in manufacturing industries and can be mechanized or operated manually. Manual cutters are generally small and portable and are used to trim light metals. However, mechanized plasma cutters are used in large scale industries and require a high power supply.

So, can you make money with a CNC Plasma Cutter? Yes, acquiring plasma cutter operating skills can earn you substantial earnings. Plasma cutters do a decent cutting job and have less sanding requirement. Designer fire screens, decorative fire pits, and ornamental fences are a few examples of products where the structure is welded into the final product.

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How To Make Money With CNC Plasma Table?


It could be difficult to network with various individuals if you are already sure about different plasma cutting and welding abilities. Likewise, it might be challenging for tradespeople to network or reach out to others. However, although there are bound to be hiccups along the way, one will grow their business if one put in the time and effort.

Networking is crucial for any worker and can highly boost small business owners. Networking will be a big deal for individuals who have been in various business sectors for a long time. Rather than cold-calling people you already know, it is essential to use relationships and networking possibilities to uncover significant initiatives.

Such existing connections could also be able to point others to you, and by this way, your business will end up growing as you'll end up reaching many customers.

Get to work in the industry:

Plasma cutting capabilities are essential in numerous different businesses throughout the world. Therefore, it is vital to familiarize with Plasma cutters as this easily enables one to work in particular industries where such cutters are used. Thus, ensure you gain these skills and be sure you'll like them. Investing in these industries will earn you a comfortable salary, and you'll end up enjoying your career.

Plasma cutter art patterns:

High-end plasma cut artwork requires great precision for unique products that help you generate some money. Plasma cutting design involves some cutting into the selected material. Therefore, plasma cutter patterns require that you make numerous cuttings.

However, it is a good idea first to consider what kinds of tasks will make you more excited about the job. Regardless of the cost or complexity of your workplace, it doesn't need to be luxurious or very elaborate. You can make the workplace using pieces of wood or metal.

Additional Subcontracting:

Taking on outsourcing jobs will help you build your commercial entity swiftly. Subcontracting will best help where a particular company is granted a contract but is not in a position to accomplish it. Thus, you may be needed to complete a specific portion of the work, with the compensation negotiated before you show up.

  Connecting with these jobs is excellent, but what is more important is the rapport that arises from such connections. It is essential to leverage your relationship with contractors who routinely subcontract as this is likely to earn you a lot within a certain period. To keep receiving sub-contract business from these organizations, make sure you offer excellent service on these tasks.

Getting inquiries is the simple part, but it might be difficult for the first time. Thus, it is essential to reach out to such contactors by first networking or communicating with them.

Starting a local hobby shop:

If you have experience in plasma cutting or metal artwork skills, you can keep busy with the local hobby shops. This will eventually help you perfect your capabilities. In addition, having skills in metalwork or plasma cutting can help your talents find work in various smaller hobbyist enterprises available in your area.

Plasma cutter sculptural metal art:

It is possible to make lots of money using a plasma cutter to create metal arts. One can use unique metal designs that are distinct from each other to develop business or home designs. When it comes to making money or offering an experience, custom designs might be a fantastic solution. It's as simple as being creative and willing to go with the flow.

You can earn money by selling metal artwork to customers or enterprises. For example, creating a beautiful feather artwork, animal-themed artwork, or a steel portrait is simple if you have enough confidence to begin. Alternatively, you can do anything like an easy alphabet, a hilarious cartoon character, a profile, or anything else and see the profits that come your way.

Higher paying (lucrative) jobs:

For instance, you can find welding-related employment that pays significant incomes. Moreover, work similarly to that done by offshore and submarine welders will be are some of the highly paid jobs; hence, we can refer to such jobs as lucrative.

However, such jobs require that one sticks to the zero-alcohol policy, of course, for an excellent performance. One will earn a fantastic salary if he or she undertakes these jobs and will enjoy the whole career in the long run.

Investing in city silhouette projects:

This is one of the most extensive plasma cutting projects and needs various specialized tools to execute the job. However, if you are confident that you are comfortable with the plasma cutter, you can expect to develop professionally in return.

Benefits of using a Plasma table in your business

Incredible cutting speed:

One of the fastest ways to cut strong metals is by using the Plasma cutting method. Plasma cutters offer an excellent cutting experience compared to other cutting methods, for instance, the Oxyfuel cutting method. The plasma cutter can cut up to ten times quicker than the Oxyfuel cutter when cutting thin metal sheets.

Helps in minimizing warping: 

The plasma cutter's speed presents the cutting region with high temperatures for a short time, preventing warping. Laser and oxyfuel cutting procedures are heated under extreme temperatures and left in the cutting area for a prolonged time. To lessen the impact of warping on heat-cut products, plasma cutting a great option.

Helps in cutting thick materials: 

Plasma cutters help cut thick metal objects, even up to 6 inches deep. Thus, they are the best option when cutting dense things compared to laser cutters that best suit materials that are a quarter an inch in thickness.

Offer an increased piercing speed:

The first step in any cutting task entails piercing the metal to make the cutting process more manageable. Plasma cutters help in reducing the time taken on piercing. On the other hand, an oxyfuel cutter takes ten times longer to penetrate a thin piece of steel than the plasma cutter.

The Plasma cutter’s piercing speed is usually higher compared to the other cutting methods. It thus saves you a lot, starting from time and production.

Reduced running costs:

A Plasma cutter costs roughly 40,000 pounds in most certified marketplaces. The various costs that one will incur on using these cutters include a power supply and gas expenses. However, the custom plasma cutter is much economical and that they are designed with the highest standards.

What does a Plasma business look like?

If you’re passionate and have interests in do-it-yourself projects, then with the right plasma cutting skills, it is possible to develop a Plasma cutting business. The success of the company will require you to think wide contemplate the reality of your final decisions. In addition, having your own plasma business will earn you a lot of money compared to where someone else has employed you to work for them.

A plasma business is just like any other, and so, it will require the common things any other company could need.

  • It should have a name- Ensure you take time and come up with the best simple name for your business that does not match with any other.
  • Design a simple logo for your business. Make it match with the services you offer.
  • Make your business legit by determining its ownership, as well as licensing the business. Be in a position to account for everything you'll run in your industry. Acquire the correct documentation for this.
  • Market your business and once you get customers, get into the business now. Ensure you maintain good ethics to surpass your competitors.

How to charge for CNC Plasma cutting

It would be best if you served your customers to their satisfaction. Complicating the customers with extra art fees will you lose them. Instead, you can decide to use a square foot charge when charging your customers. Avoid issues like 'I will get back to you' businesses.


There are various ways one can earn money using the simple skills one has. Plasma cutting offers a variety of money-making ways and can invest in them, as discussed above. It is thus essential to invest in plasma cutting for excellent industrial production.

It is essential to note that the faster you can reduce the production time, the sooner you will distribute your items. Thus, I would recommend you acquire the custom plasma cutter and be sure you'll surpass your competitors.

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