How to Set Up a Welding Rig Truck?

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Every welder at the start of their career wants to become a top-notch, experienced welder. So they strive hard and get experience from many expert welders from where they will get the chance to enhance their technique and tips to become an expert. Now, after having the background, you can set up your welding rig.

If you think you can directly set up welding just after passing the school, it will fail for you. Welders need to become experts in relevant tools and techniques to run a successful welding rig in the future. When you are an expert in welding and its applicable techniques, you can go for your own business.

Now you may wonder about many queries, and one common confusion among beginner welder is "How to set up a welding rig truck?"

Setting up a welding rig truck is a lengthy process that starts from counting your initial investment cost. Then, you need to follow that right track so it ends up as a successful business. However, the method includes the cost count, getting the tools, registering your business, ensuring safety, and maintaining your credibility.

Here I will share all about the welding Rig truck and its setup process to have a clear idea of what is better for you and set up your business.

What Is Rig Welding?

Rig welding or Rig welding truck refers to an all-purpose exert welder with experience in every welding decline. These welders work in off-horse and on-horse oil rigs that are showed by their name.

Rig welder uses the maintenance staff for handling the general task. But sometimes, they have the high stake situations that require expert welders to operate. So Rig welder can easily manage every type of task that they face during their career.

It is a fact that setting up a Rig welding truck is not an easy task that beginners can set. So get some experience by working under other professionals and polish your skills.

Method To Set Up A Welding Rig Truck

Method To Set Up A Welding Rig Truck

As I already said, it is not a one or two-step to set up a welding Rig truck. You need to make a complete checklist that ensures your ability to set up a RIG welding truck.

Here is the complete guide that helps you in setting up your Rig welding truck. Follow every step and set your Rig welding truck without any difficulty.

Count the Cost:

Calculate that how much cost you need to set up the entire Rig welding truck and you can afford it or not. Let me tell you that setting a Rig welding truck is an expensive task that many beginner welders don't afford. It requires costly welding equipment, and you don't compromise over quality by purchasing the cheap tools. Moreover, the truck also needs essential modifications to set up the welding apparatus, and it is also a costly task.

Welding rig trucks require entire welding supplies like rods, protective clothing, and all other essentials. To calculate the cost, include apparatus, truck modification, and cost of material needed. Also, don't forget to add the maintenance cost, business registration cost, insurance cost, and other expenses. 

Calculate and collect the necessary cost for initial setup, and in some cases, you will also take a loan at easy requirements.

Get and modify the truck:

Do you have a truck or need to buy one? If you don't have one, then purchase at a reasonable cost. If you have a decent truck, don't spend money on buying a new one as you can make one required changes according to the requirement. It is not difficult to modify the old truck.

The required modifications in a truck include air shutoffs, flags, radios, and many more. However, these alterations are not cheap so count the cost accordingly.

Get the Tools and Machines:

Always remember that welding tools and equipment depending on your area of work. Welding is a broad field that includes many sub-fields, so it depends on your business planning and experience. However, some essential tools you must need to buy include an air compressor, grinders of various sizes, Sawzall, pipe cutter, stand, lightning system, cut-off tools, porta band, and other essential things. These are the operational requirements of every welding technique. Also, don't forget to add self-protective apparatus like protective glasses, welding jackets, helmets, face shields, welding boots, respirators, and many others. Personal protective equipment is necessary at every welding place, including the Welding Rig truck. 

However, welding tools and machines depend on the service that you are offering according to your experience. Welding Rig truck has a limited place to only add the necessary things except for the unnecessary load. It helps to maintain the welding truck and welding apparatus.

Register the Business:

 Business registration is one of the complex tasks in every field. It requires a lot of time and money to register a small business, but it is a fact that you didn't prove yourself reliable before registering your business. It includes a massive amount of paperwork that anyone can think of before starting the procedure. First, decide the name and pay your registration fee along with filling a bunch of papers. These documents allow you to claim the business name proudly.

Once you successfully register the business and its name, then your welding Rig is legal in the market and ready to provide reliable services.

Network to Get Gigs:

As I already said that it is essential for beginners to work under professionals or experts. They have a lot of working contacts that also help you to grow. In addition, by working with them, you may have some connections or know where and how you can get work.

In the start of welding Rig truck, your previous or personal contact help you in getting the first few order then you will grow and get the passive amount of workload. So use your contact and get the order to build your name in the market. 

Take Care of Safety:

Personal protective equipment of safety apparatus is the must one welding Rig truck. Therefore, it is advisable to get high-quality safety equipment and never compromise on its quality. Some essential personal protective equipment includes welding masks, helmets, welding boots, protective clothing, ear muffs, welding face shields, and plugs. All this equipment ensures the safety of welder and Rig welding truck employees. So never compromise on them in case you have short money in the beginning.

Keep the Upkeep:

Upkeep of machinery and tools is necessary once your business grows. Now you can realize the amount of maintenance according to your setup. The truck also requires maintenance services along with the machines and tools.

Sometimes Rig welding trucks need to travel through rough terrains and long distances that toll tools, equipment, and trucks. So it requires some additional maintenance services for working.

I would recommend you schedule regular maintenance services and follow them, so you don't have a burden at the end. 

Build Credibility:

Your working credibility in the market is critical for growth. Therefore, one should maintain good work ethics along with hard work. In addition, it helps to build up good relationships with clients.

Always remember that credibility is not a difficult task. It always comes with consistently good work and the services you provide to your clients. Once you build your name in the market, nobody can destroy it. You will also feel the increase in the number of your clients due to your good reputation.

Tips for making welding truck RIG

Now you have the complete guideline for setting up the welding Rig truck. Always remember that experts or professionals are always senior and will provide you with better tips in making the welding RIG truck.

Everyone is excited regarding their new business and its success, but sometimes it will be exhausting as you are responsible for everything that goes good or wrong.

Here I will gather some expert tips regarding how to setup a welding RIG truck. So you will become a successful welding business owner.

Establish your rules:

Build or establish some rules that you will never choke under any condition or situation. It doesn't mean any hard and fast law or no alcohol policy. Set up the rules that motivate and remind you. It helps you to prevent bad habits that may incorporate into your work ethics. Follow your directions and grow your business as you are the one who is responsible for it.

Stay away from distractions: 

Set up the welding Rig truck without any destructive activity. Distraction during welding tasks may lead you towards the danger and better-quality weld. Remember that welding mistakes are hard to reverse, and you will regret them after having them. You may also delay the work from the deadline and lost a punctual client.

Be well organized:

By setting up a welding Rig truck, you are a business owner, different from working as an employee. Now you are your boss with many business responsibilities that you never face during employment.

So it would help if you were well organized regarding bookkeeping, payments, monitoring, and all other safety measures. Organize your business in a way that it becomes a successful rig welding truck.

Maintain good work ethics:

Your work ethic is the only way that leads you towards success. It helps you to maintain your credibility and get the burden of work. So, it's essential to maintain your work ethics, build your reputation in the market and become a successful rig welding truck owner.

Prepare for all sort of works: 

Rig welders will face every work during their career. But if you have limited services, then be clear with your client initially. There is no need to accept that you cannot perform or don't have the necessary apparatus. You cannot travel miles to get the appropriate machine for client-specific tasks.


So by summing up the above discussion, I would say that you need to maintain work ethics, polish your skills, and train well under experts for setting up a welding Rig truck. Remember that it is suitable for beginners to set up the rig welding truck unless they have the well-polished skill and a good amount of money. Moreover, working under a professional welder helps you build contacts that will ring clients in your business setup.

So it is advisable to work under a professional for a significant time, polish your welding skill, make contacts, learn work ethics, and set up your Rig welding truck.

I hope this article helps you set up your Rig welding truck, and you will lead a successful welding business.


How much does a welding truck cost?

Setting up a Rig welding truck is a costly task. On average, it requires the amount of $10,000 to $30,000 on your starting situation. In addition, a welding truck requires expensive modifications in the vehicle, expensive tools that need a pile of the dollar. Estimate your position and related cost, and then start setting up the welding truck.

How much does a pipeline rig welder make?

Pipeline welding rig trucks can make a good amount of money. Pipeline welders have high demands that range between $30 to $50 per hour for arm pay, $15 to $25 per hour for truck pay, and $100 to $150 for Diem. So on average, they can make a good amount of money.

Do you have to buy a new truck to set up your welding rig?

No, you don't need to buy a new truck for setting up rig welding if you already have one with enough horse power. You can make customized changes and make them suitable for your work. But if you don't have an old welding truck, you need to buy a new truck according to your service requirements.

How much do rig welders make?

A rig welder can make a handsome amount of money. Every rig welder's money-making depends on the state of their work and experience level. On average, a Rig welder can make up to $10,000 yearly, but obviously, it is not easy to start a new business.

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