What Can I Weld With A 70 Amp Arc Welder?

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Do you have a 70 Amp arc welder but fail to recognize its purpose? So you are not alone in this challenge. A massive number of welding equipment material is available for different types of welding. Arc welding technique is a vast field covering the MIG and TIG welding techniques. But unfortunately, the name arc welding dominates the other methods and stand-alone with its advantages and disadvantages.

However, arc welding materials are portable, stationary, and in many other forms best for light welding requirements. Every welding material is known by its benefits, cost, flexibility, welding goals, and results. But again, here is a question that may strike your mind.

What Can I Weld with a 70 Amp Arc Welder? So it can weld the mild or stainless steel material that ranges from 18 gauge to 1/8 inch thick. It is ideal for welding the boat trailers wrought iron and many automotive sheet metal. You can say that it is best for outside or patch up the steel material.

Before learning more about 70 Amp arc welder, it is wise to understand more about arc welding. So let's dig into it.

What Is Arc Welding?

Another name for arc welding is stick welding. It is a method of joining metal pieces (also work for steel) by using electricity. The arc welder machine produces an arc between the electrode and metal pieces. The arc welding process can perform by using direct current or alternating currents (AC/DC) and consumable or non-consumable coated electrode flux. Moreover, the arc has a protective barrier that can be a flux or inert gas.

What Is Arc Welding

The arc of The Arc welding machine produces enough heat to melt the metal and allow the pieces to rejoin before cooling. The temperature that arc welding requires must be high, around 6500oF.

According to the previous history, this process belongs to the second world war (19th century) used to build aircraft and ships. But now, with the growing demand for welding, arc welding also grows and has many types that are strong welds for building different steel structures and industrial construction projects. Some most common arc welding uses include steel erection, pipeline welding, repair of heavy equipment, welding sheet metal, and many more.

Types Of Arc Welding

Arc welding consists of non-consumable and consumable electrode methods. So the types of arc welding are also based on these categories.

Types Of Arc Welding

Consumable Electrode Methods:

The consumable electrode method includes the five types of welding.

  • 1. MIG (Metal Inert Welding)

Metal Inert Welding is also known as Gas Metal Arc Welding that uses the shield of inert gas to protect the metal basses from contamination. Also includes a metal wire for welding.

  • 2. SMAW (Shielded Metal Arc Welding)

It is also referred to as flux shielded arc welding. This form of welding uses the struck electrode and metal pieces. Both electrode and metal melt to produce a weld pool. The simultaneously inert gas mixture is produced by flux coating of the electrode that creates a protective layer between metal and surroundings.

  • 3. FCAW (Flux Cored Arc Welding)

FCAW continuously uses the consumable hollow electrode that is filled with flux material and a constant power supply. This flux-cored welding method provides a continuous arc length to join metal pieces. Flux also created the gas to provide a protective layer of flux.

  • 4. SAW (Submerged Arc Welding)

SAW is the primary type of welding. It uses the continuous consumption of electrode flux with a fusible flux. These fluxes become conductive when they melt and produce a current between metal and electrode. Flux helps to prevent the spark by suppressing the fumes.

  • 5. SW (Arc Stud Welding)

It is a similar type to flush welding that joints the nuts with flange nubs. It melts metal to create a joint between them. It is also essential to fasten the nuts.

Non-consumable Electrode Methods:

  • 1. TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas Welding)

TIG refers to Tungsten inert gas welding that uses the non-consumable tungsten-based electrode to develop an arc by melting the metal. It also creates a shield of inert gas to protect the weld.

  • 2. PAW (Plasma Arc Welding)

PAW creates an arc with an electrode and anode within the body torch. Both electrode and anode are non-consumable. However, the electric arc produces the plasma and pus into the borehole that reaches the base plate.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Arc Welding

Arc welding has significant advantages and disadvantages. Arc welding machines are gaining popularity in the metal or steel industry day by day due to their durability and effectiveness. But these machines also cause some drawbacks along with benefits. So its advantages and disadvantages include:


Arc welding has numerous advantages as compared to any other form of welding.

  • It is cost-effective. The machines or equipment for arc welding are affordable and well-priced, and easy to buy for a welder. Moreover, arc welding doesn't require more equipment during the process.
  • Arc welding materials or machines are easy to transfer as they come with great portability.
  • Many type of metal machines or pieces that require welding is dirty work surfaces. So arc welding works best for impure metals as well.
  • The arc welding process doesn't require an inert shielding gas. It can be done during the wind or rain because there is no issue regarding spatter or fumes.


It is human nature to look around due to some reasons. Similarly, there are a few reasons or disadvantages that you may look at the other options of welding and don't use arc welding for your projects. So the disadvantages of arc welding include:

  • In some projects, arc welding may produce more waste that tends to increase the cost of a specific task.
  • Arc welding requires high skill level personal with professional training
  • It may be not easy to use arc welding for certain thin materials

What Does A 70 Amp Arc Welder Do?

The 70 Amp arc welding works best for the stainless-steel welding of 18 gauge with a thickness of 1/8 inch. It can shape the iron, boat trailer, and sheet material of a vehicle.

Moreover, the 70 Amp Arc welder is a valuable tool that works best at home to weld small things. It can weld anything that has a considerable thickness and suitable material. Many 70 AMP arc welding machines have specific features under certain price ranges. So you can use it according to your requirements. So, Arc welder machines have overheating protection circuit best for unprofessional welders.

70 Amp Stick Welder Capabilities

70 Amp stick welder is a portable ARC welder device you can keep in your truck or home to weld in tight and small spots. It requires the electrode to weld the metal pieces from the earth clamps and Power cable to get the power source. It is best for small repairs that require immediate welding, like house repair tasks.

70 Amp stick welder is an affordable and durable machine with a long life if you get it from a trusted source. It is easily portable and easy to use once you have the proper guideline or techniques. Set the temperature according to welding material to get an effective weld arc.

How To Weld With A 70 Amp Stick Welder?

Stick welding also refers to as Shielded Metal Arc Welding due to its technical similarities. It is really easy to learn and operate, but you need to keep some points in your mind while welding with a 70 Amp stick welder. The length of the arc, current setting, angle of an electrode, manipulation of an electrode, and travel speed are essential to remember for successful stick welding. It also helps you to improve your welding skills like a professional welder or experienced worker.

It is not difficult to weld with a 70 Amp stick welder. You may think that it is as easy as place the stick welder at the point of welding, and it's complete. But it is not that easy. You must have the proper technique. Many of us think that press the tip of the stick welder, so it welds well. It is technically correct but didn't end up as the suitable weld. Also, it takes more time than other average MIG welders due to weld with low amperage.

However, you need to scratch a little bit with a stick welder, and you see a spark, then drag a little, but only if you catch the right timing. It is a human motor reflex to get back by seeing something like that, not to get the right timing. But it is your first reaction, and you will get usual to the next. So after that, scratch a bit and get the spark to create an arc. Maintain the specific distance to produce the required arc.

It needs your focus to keep two pieces together that you want to join. So with this focus, produce a drama-free rod of required arc length by keeping it in a specific measurement and direction. Moreover, during this process, you need to wear PPE such as a safety goggle, welding glove, welding helmet.

What Is The Relationship Between Amps And Thickness?

Relationship Between Amps And Thickness

Professional techniques require experience that schools or books didn't provide us like they didn't have the guide to set the welder machine, electrode, electrode holder. The expert professionals are also perfect in their work due to their experience teaching you how to do the perfect Arc welding setting to get a good welding arc. For example, if your welding machine creates too much spatter, its temperature is high. You need to maintain the temperature at an average or required level.

Different welding materials come with a beginner's guide regarding Amp charts and temperatures for welding in certain conditions. The Amp depends on metal welding and its thickness. Higher Amp is required for thick metals. Amp and thickness relationship table are given below: 



30-130 amps

 0.023 inch

40-145 amps

0.030 inch

50-180 amps

0.035 inch

75-250 amps

0.045 inch


So by summing up the above discussion, we hope it is clear what arc welding is and how it works. Moreover, as far as this query, "what can I weld with a 70Amp arc welder"? So in simple words, it is best to weld the steel shaping, boat trailering, and vehicle welding tasks. But for all these welding projects, you need to have the professional welding experience that you can learn from the experts. The amperage and temptation relation is the key to get effective arc welding results.

Every arc welding equipment comes with a manual hat that provides the right combination of amperage and temperature according to metal thickness. So you can follow that temperature to weld the suitable metal thickness. Make sure you use the right amperage for welding that provides a nice weld because the low or high temperature of the electrode can cause the bulky or sparkling weld.

We hope this guide helps you understand all about arc welding and the 70 Amp Arc Welding machine.


How Much Does A 70 Amp Arc Welder Cost?

The average cost of 70 Amp arc welder ranges between $100 to $200. Once you invest in a top-quality welding machine, you will have it for a long time. Price is not considered the only factor in getting a welder machine. You also need to look at its additional features, longevity, and many more.

Can You Make A 70 Amp Arc Welder At Home By Yourself?

Yes, you can make a 70 Amp arc welder at home only if you know the technical side of welding machines. If you know, then there is no issue making it at home. However, if you don't have the technical knowledge, don't try. It is a trick t task that can create a disaster if there is an error.

How Many Are Amp Arc Welders Available?

Amp arc welders are available in a wide variety of 70, 110, and 220 Amp. It is wise to choose the Amp welding option according to requirements. The 70 Amp welder, 110 Amp welder, and 220 Amp welder is more common, and anything beyond this range refers to industrial use. Keep in mind duty cycle is one of the important features that also considerable.

How Do You Know If Your Electrode Is Too Hot Or Too Cold With An Arc Welder?

Arc welding requires practice, and it will let you know when your electrode is too hot or cold just by looking at the welding pool. However, If you feel too much spatter, then the temperature is too hot. If there is a bulky weld, it refers to the low temperature of the electrode.

What Factors Does The Amperage Of An Arc Welder Depend On?

The amperage of Arc welding depends on the weld's material and thickness. The amperage of every material varies like it is different for the metal and aluminum surfaces.

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