Where to Buy Scrap Metal for Welding?

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Are you looking for scrap metal for different welding purposes? It is customary in the welding industry that welders require scrap material for different purposes, including equipment management. Usage of scrap material for welding purposes is a cost-effective and eco-friendly utilization. But buying scrap material is expensive and may be challenging for you to have superior quality scrap. So if you are also looking for the comprehend resources for scrap metal, you need to keep a few things in mind, like finding a renowned resource to get the quality scrap. Moreover, if you are a beginner welder, you may be confused about finding the best source to get the scrap metal for welding.

Moreover, many welders ask,“Where to Buy Scrap Metal for Welding?” so here is my approach regarding the best place to get scrap metal.

Scrap metal is available at:

  • Local construction sites
  • Local landfills
  • Trade or technical schools
  • Metal fabrication shops
  • Online ads
  • Facebook market places
  • Industrial sites
  • Garbage or estate sales
  • Construction sites and many more

Construction sites are the primary source to get that scrap material. So you can start searching for scrap material from construction sites.

If you have the right guidance, it is easy to buy scrap metal; otherwise, it can be challenging. Here I will provide you with expert guidance regarding the best places to buy scrap metal.

So let’s dig into them.

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List of the Places for Scrap Metal for Welding

Places for Scrap Metal for Welding

  1. Metal Fabrication Shops

Metal fabrication shops are the best place to find scrap material. They melt down the metal and enable it to reuse it for different purposes. Metal fabrication shops are available online, and they provide scrap material at cost-effective prices.

If you don’t find enough scrap metal from metal fabrication shops, you can ask them for any other suitable place. They deal with the metal companies, and worth checking them in starting the other process. Metal fabrication shops and metal companies have a connection, so they have a good amount of scrap metal.

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  1. Metal Recycle Yards

When you search for the metal fabrication shops at an online platform, you may come across the local yard and garage sales. However, they also sell scrap metal and have free products, so they must visit the metal recycling yards and garage.

They recycle the metal after melting them. So when you visit the place, you need to tell the owner about your requirements. They can also tell you that if it is possible or not. Sometimes they already have a similar product in their yard that you are looking for for so long.

  1. Medical Clinics

You may find it awkward to look for scrap metal at medical clinics. But you can get scrap metal like bed, wheelchair, and other extraordinary material outlines. You don’t directly find the metal scrap from medical centers. So first, arrange a meeting with the manager and disclose what you want and which material is ready to dispose of in the garbage.

Moreover, you can show them the worth of this business and will bound you to sell their scrap material. To get the scrap metal from medical clinics, you need to have the perfect business mind.

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  1. Antique Or Junk Stores

Antique and jun stores don’t disclose their free or scrap material for sale. But you can randomly visit them and find some best materials that also didn’t cost much. So when you find something worth to you at their stores, then start glancing until they set up a decent agreement with you.

Most antique stores have the steel and metal shells that they gather to develop new shapes and hues. But you can use them as a patch during the welding process.

  1. Shooting Ranges

Shooting ranges have a lot of steel and metal shells that they gather daily. So you can develop new shapes, sizes, and hues with them. Moreover, they are essential for adding an individual patch to your metal. So access your nearly shooting range and agreement a convincible meeting with them to start a worthy deal between both parties.

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  1. Dumpsters

When looking for scrap material, don’t be afraid of the dirt on your clothes and feet. It is a fact that sometimes you may find precious metal as scrap by searching in dumpsters.

But it doesn’t mean that you will jump to any dumpster. So take a look and if your instincts allow you, then start searching them. Afterward, it is your luck that whats you find in the dumpster.

  1. Local Construction And Renovation Sites

The construction and renovation site is one of the primary places where you can get enough meta scrap. Every city has many construction sites that are willing to sell their scrap metal.

Discover the nearest construction site and concern them for your needs. They will give you the best response than any other source. Moreover, when you have the foreman’s ownership, you will effectively convince them and get the required scrap metal.

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  1. Local Businesses

Local businesses that will provide you the scrap metal include motor shops, auto repairing shops, and many other similar companies. Unfortunately, they don’t have the capacity for a notable partnership, so they will be glad to come in conversation with you. Local businesses can become a gold mine for your requirement as they have enough salvaged metal material.

Contact them and explain your business to understand your requirements and think to start a collaboration with you. Once you have a strong bond with local businesses, then you will have plenty of scrap metal.

  1. Farms And Ranches

If you live in rural regions, Farms and ranches are the best places for you to get the required scrap metal. You can find the old beat-up vehicles that are not in use for years and turn into scrap. So you need to check the enforcement of whether this vehicle is under anybody’s name or not.

You can also search for horseshoes that also help you in your welding projects. They are easy to weld and also meltable to make new products.

  1. Contractors

The contractor is also one of the best places to find scrap metal. Contact nearby local electricians, plumbers, repair technicians, and siding contractors, and they will tell you that from where you will find the free scrap metal. They only require removal services and let you take enough scrap metal.

Start the conversation with the contractor and convince them that they will let you take the scrap metal. In addition, they will benefit by having free junk removal service.

  1. Industrial Areas

Sometimes you pass around an industrial area and find a building where many salvaged material to place around as the dumpster. They don’t have the value of that scrap metal, but you know the worth of it. They also put broken apparatus in that pile.

You need to approach them and start conversations with them. Luckily you may find a situation where they are happy to remove that pile of scrap metal in free. So you remove it and invest your time to determine its value in your welding process.

  1. Auto-Repair Shops

As I already said, small businesses like auto repair shops don’t have the potential to make extensive collaborations. But they have enough scrap metal that they don’t need. First, however, you need to search for the nearby auto repair shops and find your valuable things. It is not as simple as you may think.

They also know the value of their scrap material. So go to visit repairing shops by having a business mind to convince them effectively and make an effective deal.

  1. Craigslist

Two places will provide you what you need regarding the salvaged material. One is the construction site, and the other is craigslist.  But you need to ensure that you will regularly post about your needs. Soon you will get an offer that suits your requirements best. There are many peoples out there who want to dispose of their scrap metal. You don’t even need to convince them. So it is a hassle-free opportunity to get scrap metal.

Ensure that you will effectively convince the other person that the type of metal you want to get is scrap for them. Of course, you can also get high-quality scrap material at virtually low prices, but only if you have excellent bargaining skills.

  1. Trade Schools

Trade school is also effective to get scrap metal because it is helpful for the school owners and the students. Explain to the trade schools that you are a beginner in the welding field and want their assistance to complete some new projects.

  1. Warehouses

Warehouses have plenty of metal equipment that they need to replace after damage. Sometimes you may forget about accessible places to buy scrap metal. Warehouses are one of them. Search your nearby warehouse and arrange a meeting with them.

After visiting their place, ensure that you will notice the flaws and their old material. Now use your convincing powers and convince them that it should be replaced. So they will agree with you, and you will get the scrap material according to your choice.

  1. Flea Markets

You may find it difficult to search such places for scrap material. But if you ever visit them, you will know that good bargain personal are willing to sell the scrap metal at reasonable prices.

When you go there and look around, you will get high-quality scrap metal even at low prices. So Flea markets are an excellent place to buy scrap metal for welding purposes.

  1. Online Ads

You know that this pandemic situation turns many businesses into online markets. Similarly, many online places sell scrap metal at a reasonable price. When you search for it, you will automatically start getting the ads on online platforms. So visit them frequently and get in a conversation with them. Check their packages and get good scrap metal.

  1. Facebook Market Places

Did you ever try the Facebook market places? They are best for getting online products primarily related to small businesses. Many small businesses start every day over Facebook marketplaces and provide adequate services.

You need to search for the scrap metal material at facebook market places and find an authentic seller. Contact them and start the conversation. It helps you in making a compelling deal, and you will get your required scrap material.

  1. Apps Like iScrap

Digital marketplaces are in trend nowadays, and everybody knows about them. Similarly, if you wantto touch the metal scrap yard, then download the iScrap app. Enter your city, town and get to know about the nearby local scrapyards. You can get to know about their material availability and prices and choose according to your requirement.

Moreover, if you have scrap metal and want to sell it, post it on iScrap along with the price and quality. So it is effective for you to get the extra cash along with other welding tasks.

  1. Yard & Garage Sales

Now the last idea to get the scrap metal is a yard and garage sale. I often keep an eye on the sales and start the conversation with them. They will tell you everything regarding their sale and availability of their scrap metal material.

Keep in mind that these sales are standard, so don’t forget to visit them when you want to get the scrap metal. You will get excellent scrap material at effective pricing over these sales.


So by summing up the above discussion, I hope it is clear to you that you can buy the scrap material for welding purposes. It is a fact that scrap material is abundant, but if you search at the right place, then it is available in plenty of amounts. I am pretty sure that these twenty ideas will help you get the scrap metal for your next welding project.

Patiently search for the scrap as sometimes it requires multiple attempts. But sometimes, you are lucky to get the scrap on the first try.

I hope you find these ideas helpful for your next project, and you will get enough scrap metal for your welding tasks.

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